About cookies

A cookie is a small text based file that websites saves on visitors browser. Cookies can for example be used to remember which language the website should use.

Cookies used in connect.visma.com

Name: session:
This cookie is used to keep track of who the current user is authenticated as. It is removed when user signs out of Visma Connect or session expires.

Name .cookieInformation
This cookie stores that user has acknowledged the cookie information message.

Name: remember2sv
This cookie stores user information if user choose to remember two factor authentication for 30 days. Cookie is stored for 30 days

Name: rememberUsername
This cookie stores the e-mail address of user if user choose to remember this

Name: .AspNetCore.Antiforgery
This cookie is for security purposes

Name: .AspNetCore.Culture
This cookie stores which locale the user wants Visma Connect to be presented in

Name: _ga, _gat:
These cookies tracks information about how Visma Connect is used. Stored up to two years.

External services reachable through Visma Connect

External services reachable through Visma Connect can use other cookies. In those cases each service describes its own cookie usage.